About Us

That’s how we roll

Independent design agency

Ferry Design Agency was established in Helsinki at the end of 2004, but is now based in picturesque medieval town of Porvoo.

Through the years we have been working as a design partner for our clients of different sizes and from different fields. Our clientele in private sector spans from huge to small businesses and from international to domestic market. For public sector we have delivered designs to state-owned enterprise, research institute, national agency and national service broadcasting company. We have also had the pleasure to cooperate with trade unions and with several associations.

From here to all corners of the world


With us, you’re with real people

Approachable consultancy

We are seasoned in storms and have experience heading countercurrent, but will land on shore and put our feet on the ground when asked. We are with you and together we will handle the circumstances with ways suiting your style. We are with you even after office hours; just give us a call and we’ll talk about your business, or go for a drink with you. Nothing beats informal meeting in good company!

Versatile business understanding

We have amassed a wide variety of insight from working with clients operating in very diverse environments. Whatever your branch of activity, we’ll dig into it and find the right ingredients for creating a vehicle for your aspirations. You may even try to surprise us by giving us a chance to work with industry or activity that we haven’t already worked with. Now there’s a challenge for you!

Been there, done that


Secrets are safe with us

Problem solver

If you’re a revolutionary trendsetter in your operational environment, good for you and well done! If you’re a reactionary follower, you have a problem. If you think that you are the latter, don’t tell anybody and get in contact with us immediately. We’ll be your silent partner in designing communications that will give you a reason to start conversation again and initiative to spread your coolness.

Creative solutions

The medium is the message – and clichés are to be avoided, because you should be thinking outside the box. Writing about creativity is like dancing about architecture, but comedy hour of banalities is now over and let’s just say that problem solving and uncompromising work are keys to creative solutions. You’ll choose the media and we’ll create the deliverable beasts to be released through channels of your preference. When they bite, you’re a winner.

All in a day’s work


Thinking beyond buzzwords

Design thinking

We love art. Remember to visit your local galleries and museums when you crave art experiences. Remember us when you are in need of user-centered service design that even old folks from your neighbourhood can dig like a daddy-o, or when your latest innovative product is still without an edgy brand identity that will make your “hip to the game” target group drool like babies. We’ve been working with user experiences since the stone age of Internet, and with brands since the days when you could say “postmodern” without laughing out loud.